Friday, May 1, 2015

This Week in Pagan Michigan May 3rd through 9th, 2015

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Events this Month

Sunday, May 3

The Full Flower Moon (in Scorpio) 11:43pm
Sunrise: 6:27am | Sunset: 8:37pm
The moon sets at 6:20am. Moonrise at 8:19pm begins the 16th lunar day.
At 12:00pm to 6:00pm at Pagan Pathways Temple in Madison Heights, Michigan
At 2-5 PM at Cavallo Equestrian Centre in Ypsilanti, Michigan
At 2pm to 5pm at Smokey Crystal, LLC in Woodhaven, Michigan
At 4:00pm at Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Flint in Flint, Michigan

Monday, May 4

Sunrise: 6:25am | Sunset: 8:38pm
The moon sets at 6:55am. Moonrise at 9:18pm begins the 17th lunar day.
The moon goes void of course at 9:49pm.
At 7pm to 9pm at First Metaphysical Church of Davison in Davison, Michigan

Tuesday, May 5

Sunrise: 6:24am | Sunset: 8:39pm
The moon sets at 7:35am. Moonrise at 10:17pm begins the 18th lunar day.
The moon enters Sagittarius at 7:12am.

Wednesday, May 6

Sunrise: 6:23am | Sunset: 8:40pm
The moon sets at 8:19am. Moonrise at 11:14pm begins the 19th lunar day.
At 7:00pm at First Metaphysical Church in Davison, Michigan
At 7pm to 9pm at Crystal Treasures in Pontiac, Michigan

Thursday, May 7

Sunrise: 6:22am | Sunset: 8:41pm
The moon sets at Moonset: 9:10am
The moon enters Capricorn at 2:16pm

Friday, May 8

Sunrise: 6:20am | Sunset: 8:42pm
Moonrise at 12:08am begins the 20th lunar day. The moon sets at 10:07am

Saturday, May 9

Sunrise: 6:19am | Sunset: 8:43pm
Moonrise at 12:57am begins the 21st lunar day. The moon sets at 11:09am.
The moon goes void of course at 4:35pm and enters Aquarius at 7:21pm.

At 11:30am to 6:00pm at Upland Hills Ecological Awareness Center in Oxford, Michigan
At 11am to 6pm at First Metaphysical Church in Davison, Michigan