Saturday, May 3, 2014

This Week in Michigan May 4th through May 10, 2014

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The Moon Over Michigan, May 2014

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Events This Week

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Sunday, May 4

Sunrise: 6:25am | Sunset: 8:37pm
Moonrise at 10:47am begins the 7th lunar day.

Hearth & Grove Fellowship Church Service
Every Sunday at 10:00am at Oakwood Neighborhood Association in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Shining Lakes Grove Beltaine Rite
At Cavallo Equestrian Centre in Ypsilanti, Michigan

Class and Service
At Off the Beaten Path Books in Farmington, Michigan

Monday, May 5

Sunrise: 6:24am | Sunset: 8:38pm
The moon goes void of course at 4:45am and enters Leo at 1:55pm
Moonrise at 11:42am begins the 8th lunar day.

Tuesday, May 6

Sunrise: 6:23am | Sunset: 8:40pm
Moonrise at 12:39pm begins the 9th lunar day.
The moon waxes to her first quarter at 11:14pm

Wednesday, May 7

Sunrise: 6:21am | Sunset: 8:41pm
The moon goes void of course at 6:50am
Moonrise at 1:36pm begins the 10th lunar day

Thursday, May 8

Sunrise: 6:20am | Sunset: 8:42pm
The moon enters Virgo at 2:23am
Moonrise at 2:34pm begins the 11th lunar day

Friday, May 9

Sunrise: 6:19am | Sunset: 8:43pm
Moonrise at 3:33pm begins the 12th lunar day
The moon goes void of course at 6:08pm

Ladies Night Out at Crazy Wisdom
At Crazy Wisdom Bookstore and Tearoom in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Holistic Festival
At Gibralter Trade Center North in Mount Clemens

Saturday, May 10

Sunrise: 6:18am | Sunset: 8:44pm
The moon enters Libra at 1:18pm
Moonrise at 4:33pm begins the 13th lunar day

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