Monday, January 19, 2015

This Week in Pagan Michigan, January 18-24, 2015

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Sunday,  January 18th

Sunrise: 8:01am | Sunset: 5:28pm
Moonrise at 5:56am begins the 28th lunar day
The moon sets at 3:53pm
The moon enters Capricorn at 7:04am

Hearth & Grove Fellowship Church Service
Every Sunday at 10:00am at Oakwood Neighborhood Association in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Monday, January 19th
Sunrise: 8:01am | Sunset: 5:29pm
Moonrise at 6:51am begins the 29th lunar day
The moon sets at 4:59pm
The moon goes void of course at 5:51am

Monday Evening Meditation
Every Monday at 6pm at Boston Tea Room in Ferndale, Michigan

Tuesday, January 20th

The New Moon in Aquarius
Sunrise: 8:00am | Sunset: 5:31pm
Moonrise at 7:41am begins the 30th lunar day
The moon sets at 6:10pm
The moon enters Aquarius at 7:59am
The new moon at 8:13am begins the first lunar day.

Native Indian Hand Drumming
January 20 at 7pm
First Metaphysical Church of Davison in Davison, Michigan

Wednesday, January 21st

Mercury Retrograde begins today
(Ends 2/11/15)
Sunrise: 7:59am | Sunset: 5:32pm
Moonrise at 8:26am begins the 2nd lunar day
The moon sets at 7:24pm
The moon goes void of course at 8:45pm

Midweek Meditation
Every Wednesday at 6:00-7:30pm at Boston Tea Room in Ferndale, Michigan

Thursday, January 22nd

Sunrise: 7:59am | Sunset: 5:33pm
Moonrise at 9:06am begins the 3rd lunar day
The moon sets at 8:38pm
The moon enters Pisces at 7:47am

Childrens Meditation Group! Meditate & Create
Every Thursday at 6:00pm at Crystal Treasures in Pontiac, Michigan

Friday, January 23rd

Sunrise: 7:58am | Sunset: 5:34pm
Moonrise at 9:43am begins the 4th lunar day
The moon sets at 9:51pm
The moon goes void of course at 6:12am

Community HU Chant with Local Members of Eckankar
6:30 to 7:15pm at the Crazy Wisdom Community Room in Ann Arbor

The On Going Chant
January 23 at 6:30pm
Pagan Pathways Temple in Madison Heights, Michigan

Saturday, January 24th

Sunrise: 7:57am | Sunset: 5:36pm
Moonrise at 10:18am begins the 5th lunar day
The moon sets at 11:02pm
The moon enters Aries at 8:31am

Temple Resell Sale
January 24 at 1pm to 7pm
Pagan Pathways Temple in Madison Heights, Michigan

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